Mission of the Association

The aim of the Hungarian Association of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers is to ensure the safe and economical supply of medicines in Hungary, so that patients can get their medicines, where and when they need them.

The Association represents the interests of the full-line pharmaceutical wholesalers to decision-makers in shaping the operational and regulatory conditions of the pharmaceutical wholesale sector. To this end, in addition to its member organisations, it cooperates with the competent regulatory authorities, associations and organisations operating in the field of pharmacy, as well as with the European Healthcare Distribution Association (GIRP).

The pharmaceutical wholesale sector is a key player in the supply of pharmaceuticals because it is a vital link between pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacies and hospitals. Pharmaceutical wholesalers ensure the availability of the complete range of medicines in sufficient quantities and in accordance with strict professional standards, and the safe and continuous medicine supply to pharmacies and hospitals.

The member organisations of the Association cover approximately 90% of the Hungarian pharmaceutical market through their activities. Accordingly, the Hungarian Association of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers has an essential role in representing the interests of full-line pharmaceutical wholesale operators.