15 Years Anniversary

Words of greeting by Dr Sándor Küttel

Dear Colleagues,

In my capacity as president of the Hungarian Association of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers, I have the honor to greet you on this occasion when our Association celebrates the 15th anniversary of its operation. For my part, I have been involved in the work of this organization since 2004 as the representative of member organization PHOENIX Pharma Zrt.; at first, I was a member of the presidential board, then I was appointed vice president, and I have acted as president since 01 August 2010.

Almost all operators of the pharmaceutical market faced a number of new challenges due to the social and economic changes during the 1990’s. In Hungary, the characteristics of a market economy, such as privatization, capital concentration, competitors and market competition, appeared during this period.

In 1992, overnight the one-channel pharmaceutical trade turned into a pharmaceutical distribution market with 60 operators having a wholesale license. As soon as it was established by the pharmaceutical wholesalers of the time in response to these changes in 1996, the Hungarian Association of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers successfully applied for membership of the European Association of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (GIRP), and has been a member since then. The basic purpose of the Hungarian association remains unchanged to this day: representing the interests of the pharmaceutical wholesalers belonging to the Association within the pharmaceutical supply chain, based on a position formulated jointly with our Member Organizations.

Since its establishment, the Association has had a relationship with several health governments and ministers, and its operation has always been characterized by a professional attitude and efforts toward cooperation. As a result, the Association has become a professional body recognized both nationally and internationally.

As a full-fledged member of the European Association of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (GIRP), the Association has taken part in GIRP conferences and sent delegates to GIRP work committees, which makes it possible for us to monitor international pharmaceutical market trends and legislative changes with due attention and give a professional opinion.

On the occasion of our 15th jubilee, acknowledgements and thanks are due to Dr István Lantos, the first president of the Association, who initiated our European membership immediately after the formation of the Association.

Also, acknowledgements and thanks are due to Mr Ferenc Szabó, who was the president of the Association from 2000 to 2010, and under whose direction the Association earned its current professional reputation.

Also, special thanks to Dr Antal Feller and Mr Róbert Dévény, vice presidents, for the professional help I have received from them since being elected president.

In addition, I offer my thanks to previous management members, namely, Dr György Südi, Mr Károly Palotai, Dr Imre Takácsy, Dr Mihály Falusi, Dr László Hetényi, Mr Zoltán Vadász, Mr Tamás Kaló and Dr Péterné Hazslinszky, who have made a large contribution to the successful operation of the Association.

Finally, may I thank the following members of the management of the Association; Mr István Fáczányi, secretary general, a founding member of the Association, who is actively involved in its work to this day; and Ms Csilla Hajnal, who, for 11 years, has been engaged in the coordination of professional tasks and communication with both the European Association and the Hungarian members.

I would also like to thank and acknowledge all former and current colleagues of our member organizations whose work has largely contributed to the achievement of our common goals over the past 15 years, including the safe supply of medicines to patients who thus have access to medicines where and when necessary.

Dear Colleagues, in the confident expectation of your continued support in the future, I wish you further success in your work, and I trust the Association will continue to be successful in its professional activities.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Sándor Küttel

Words of greeting by GIRP

Dear Colleagues!

On behalf of our President, René Jenny, all members of our association and the team of the GIRP office in Brussels, I would like to take this opportunity to warmly congratulate the Hungarian Association of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (HAPW) on reaching an important milestone – the celebration of 15 years of success since its establishment.

GIRP and HAPW have been close collaborators ever since HAPW’s foundation. It was in 1996, just after the establishment of HAPW that the fruitful collaboration started with HAPW becoming an associated members of GIRP - the European umbrella organization for full-line wholesalers and their associations. We were delighted to receive the application for membership, which at that time was limited to associated membership.

However, already straight from the beginning, the HAPW and its members were extremely motivated and committed to working with their European colleagues and subsequently became one of the first national associations to seize the opportunity to become a full member in 2004, when Hungary joined the European Union.

This also lead to the holding of GIRP’s 47th Annual General Meeting Budapest in 2006. The theme of that important event “Shaping the future for the safe and continuous supply of medicines” is one that remains as important today as it was then. The event was marked with great success which demonstrated the close working relationship both associations have experienced over the years and all GIRP members still have fond memories of the Hungarian hospitality.

The close and professional contact between GIRP and HAPW gives Hungarian full-line wholesalers first hand access to the latest developments and trends affecting full-line wholesaler across Europe and internationally.

We also truly appreciate the close and friendly relationship we have built up with our colleagues from the member organisations of the HAPW. Their unwavering support and contribution to European wholesaling is a sign of their determination to tackle the seriousness of the issues that are faced by all full-line wholesalers across Europe. This is witnessed through the active contribution that HPAW members give to many of GIRP’s working groups and committees.

In particular I would also like to thank HAPW’s past President, Mr. Ferenc Szabó  and its current President, Mr. Dr. Sándor Küttel, and Mr. Dr. Antal Feller and Mr. Róbert Dévényi Vice-Presidents as well as Mr.István Fáczányi Secretary General and Ms. Csilla Hajnal office manager for their hard work and determination, which ensures our mutual working relationship goes from strength to strength.

They are perfect ambassadors for Hungary’s wholesaling sector and we congratulated them on the success in bringing HAPW to this jubilee and we wish the organisation much success for the future.

Monika Derecque-Pois
Director General
European Association of Pharmaceutical Full-line Wholesalers (GIRP)