About the Association

Hungarian Association of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers

Name: Gyógyszer-Nagykereskedők Szövetsége, in English: Hungarian Association of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers

Address: H-1143 Budapest, Stefánia út 28/a.

Year of foundation: 1996

Registration by the Metropolitan Court of Budapest, Hungary: registered in the Registry of Non-Governmental Organizations under No. 7232 on 01 October 1996 pursuant to section 15(1) of Hungarian Act II of 1989.

Entry made by the Secretary General of the National Assembly: registered under No. SZ8-11/58/96 in the Registry of National Interest Groups and Non-Governmental Organizations pursuant to section 141(1) of the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly.

Sphere (purpose) of operation: protection of professional interests

Organizational structure:

Presidential Board and, within this, Management Board (members: President and Vice President)

Supervisory Board

Supreme decision-making body: General Meeting

Name of person authorized to represent the Association: Dr. Antal Feller, President

The conditions for the operation of the Association are laid down in its Charter of Incorporation and Ethics Regulations.